Great track for thinking. Enough said. (:


Baby Blue by King Krule


Sweet, sweet, sensual music. Dreamy, Nostalgic, and psychedelic. Perfect for mourning after a breakup. It’s warm and comforting. Just listen to it.

Oyster by Nothankyou

A new music project from a member or two of Dirty Projectors, Nothankyou brings that vintage, but futuristic sound that we crave. Upon first listen I thought I could hear St. Vincent singing, I could feel my inner fangirl swelling inside. The song itself is intricate down to instrument choice. Tom Vek never dissapoints. Prepare to get addicted.

The Beat Comes by Snowden

No One in Control (February 19th, 2013 / Serpents & Snakes)

I’m convinced that any song with the word beat in it and has also been made in the last 5 months is golden.

Here’s a new song from the recent release off of the up and coming label Serpents and Snakes is No One in ControlĀ by Snowden.